• FWR Faraday bag for tablets - LAB edition
  • FWR Faraday bag for tablets Lab edition is meant to be used mainly in digital forensic laboratories to provide an overview on what´s going on the screen. This can be done through shileded window. It´s equipped with a handle for easier transport.

    Inner dimensions: 32 x 22 cm

    Our FWR Faraday Bags were designed with respect to special needs of law-enforcement, army and intelligence specialists and digital forensic experts to help them with seizure, transport and analysis of mobile devices.

    Wireless devices like mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices, netbooks, laptops and Bluetooth devices can be effectively shielded using FWR Faraday bags. The shielding system provides light, but durable construction and is suitable for everyday use both on-site and in the lab.

     Lab version is mainly targeted at digital forensic professionals - private expert witnesses, law-enforcement, army, government organizations. The window is shielded by a single layer of our special Faraday mesh to maintain both good visibility of the display and acceptable level of attenuation - up to 60 dB.

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  • Faraday Bag with window front 600x600
    Faraday Bag with window front 600x600
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    FWR lab edition offen mit Inhalt 600x600pxFWR lab edition zu mit Inhalt 600x600px
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