• FWR Faraday Bag big Gen.3
  • FWR Faraday bag Big Generation 3 with attenuation up to 95 dB is meant to be used mainly with tablets, iPads, netbooks or laptops. It has a unique 8-layer construction for strong shielding and comes with an improved material and design for more comfortable operation.

    Inner dimensions: 34 x 45 cm

    Our FWR Faraday Bags were designed with respect to special needs of law-enforcement, army and intelligence specialists and digital forensic experts to help them with seizure, transport and analysis of mobile devices.

    Wireless devices like mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices, netbooks, laptops and Bluetooth devices can be effectively shielded using FWR Faraday bags. The shielding system provides light, but durable construction and is suitable for everyday use both on-site and in the lab.

    Apart from digital forensics Faraday bags can be a great help with securing your private data - e.g. during a business meeting you can leave your phone on while effectively blocking any incoming or outgoing signals. It can also be used to prevent tracking the owner using GPS.

    8-layer construction for effective shileding. Attenuation up to 95 dB.

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